How to Participate  in the SOAR Conference

Because this year’s conference is virtual, you will need to get ready. But we want to make that is as easy as possible, so here are the directions.

1. Login With Your Temporary Password

We have created an account for you. All you have to do is log in with your username and a temporary password.
Your Username is The Email You Registered With and your password is “temp4u”

2. Create Your Own Password

The temporary password will only work the first time you log in. Once you have used your temporary password, it will ask you to make a new one. If you have trouble remembering, be sure to write your password down. You will need this to log into the conference.

3. Login With The Password You Created

Now that you have your own password, you can log in anytime. This is the password you will use for the rest of the conference. It’s a good idea to log in before the conference, to make sure you remember the password. Plus, it gives you time to get familiar with the platform.