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Missouri’s HSRN leadership team includes the elected officers of People First of Missouri, other self-advocate leaders, and project leadership by the Missouri University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at the UMKC Institute for Human Development. In August 2015, Missouri completed a statewide survey of self-advocates. Our team gathered individual input through emails, an online survey, and in-person. We also held special sessions at our statewide self-advocacy meetings and our statewide conference that involved group discussion. The state leadership team met in July 2015 to write our state plan to strengthen and grow self-advocacy in Missouri. View the results of our state plan and see how we implemented our shared vision by using the links below.

The Missouri State plan is complete and available here. The plan includes:

  • Current successes and challenges to self-advocacy in Missouri;
  • Strategies to address these challenges; and
  • Specific opportunities for engaging the next generation of self-advocates.

The 2016 Action Plan is also available. It outlines the specific activities self-advocates in Missouri will be doing in 2016 to work toward the goals set in the Missouri State plan.


Link to Overall Missouri State Plan

Link to 2016 Action Plan